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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Destination Imagination & Free Materials

Over the years I have been asked about making materials and sharing them. I am always happy to do so...and my materials are all over the place...mmshare, montessori makers, just to name a few.......however time is not always on my side with raising 4 boys and our new venture of Destination Imagination.

I will not say enough good things about DI. It teaches problem solving, it's self directed and without adult interference. It teaches team work and so many things that are important in life. This adventure has kept me very busy. Now with this adventure unfortunately comes a price, which is steep to compete all the way up to Globals. For the last 3 years my boys (all 5-6 of them) have won State. Two of the three years we have ventured to Tennessee for the Global competition. Last year they took 3rd place. Now with that said I am not trying to be boastful and I am not in the program to win because IMO if you do the program you are all winners! Just being able to complete the task is phenomenal, again as in Montessori it is the process and the road traveled that is important.

With such projects comes fundraising. I am a terrible fundraiser. Endless tapping on doors knowing I am anoying someone is not me and not very considerate. So I had a hairbrain idea....if I am to spend time doing something, why not spend it doing something that is not annoying and will help someone?

So is anyone interested in a whole lesson plan for home-schoolers that is Montessori based? I am thinking that for a onetime donation of say $10-15? I will set up a classroom type group that is self lead and will walk you through a whole lesson plan from start to finish. This will include books to get, videos to watch, montessori cards all made by myself, personal support and much much more.

If you are interested.....e-mail me and I will take the first 10 people and subscribe you to Montessori's Great Lessons group for free for 30 days. My e-mail button is located to the right all the way at the bottom of the page.